not cancer

but still



frontal lobe


what does that even mean?

was it fair

when i had enough

more than enough

and all those others

they starved

they wanted

they needed

and now

this is my

my karma

my justice

to be faced with

not my greatest fear

no that already




no this might be just


a close one

but still second

the potential

to lose what i value most

my mind

my self

i guess in this

i must come to face

with my own narcissism

i never wanted

to believe

i was one such person

until this happened

no one ever

wants to admit

come face to face

with their dirt

their fears

their secrets

no one believes

until they have to

until the truth

comes and beats

them down

smacks them

in the face

like the cold hard slab

of concrete

that i luckily smashed into

so i could get the scan

that told me

i had you.