To the Man who named me Bastard

Why did you never love me?

Why did you never try to even speak or see me let alone know me?


Why was I never good enough?

Not even for you?


I am named sacrifice


you didn’t want me

Daddy didn’t want me

Nor did Mommy


You couldn’t give two shits about me

Daddy thought I was an annoying pretentious bitch


Mommy hated me


I wrote this for you


Yeah you were right. I was going to write John before I was called out and ridiculed for it… so instead I wrote Joe in 2005.

Not that you ever cared


Is it weird that I wish you had?


That your indifference makes me feel especially worthless?


I guess I am what people call ‘unloveable’.


To the Man who called me Bastard.


To the Man who made me Bastard.