I wanted to be Professor X when I was a child… I also had aspirations for world domination as a toddler tends to have… as I aged I began to see how insufficient the x-men were. I wanted to be Cognitio, a character I created when I was around the age of 8. He was a genius. My friends when I was 15 said they found him freaky and that he was the one to watch. I was offended. Maybe that’s why I wrote all those emails to Joe Samaritan and then to Joe American. I took on the name of my mother father. It was 2003. It took you about 9 years… sometimes I wonder about that most times I don’t. Christ in all… that is holy… I never understood the notion… but that’s not to say I never wished to. If I had to pick a letter it still would be X. But games are for children aren’t they?