A bastard. A copy. The second daughter. But someone else’s first. The middle child. But also the unwanted eldest.
Take my blood. And then leave. Only show up at odd moments. Years apart. No apparent reason. Just cause.
In Haileybury: you insisted on a DNA test as if I was the one chasing you. Bastard that I was then, still am.

15: heroine but let’s not. Don’t think. It’s okay to chase the dragon just run don’t let it find you keep running don’t stop. Siddartha escaped. Why can’t I?

Snuff. Alcohol. Old man.

History professor with red hair and glasses. Engaged but chases you. He roofies takes hurts kills red hands. The way he looks. Those eyes. Shark. Predator.

You always fancied yourself a tiger.

But here you are. Bloody bruised broken drunk knifed fallen to the ground.
Laughing crying

Am I hysterical?

He pulled a knife out.

The scars never healed even if the wounds did.