I was brought up culturally Roman Catholic. I emphasize the word culturally in that sentence. My family always went to church on Sunday, and celebrated Catholic holidays, and traditions during my childhood years. When we moved to NYC, and as I grew older it became a less common occurrence.

Even so, I had read the Bible in its entirety by middle school. That book would stay important to me, even after I became more aware of my inability to believe in such things.

When I was 13 years old and a freshman in high school, at Beekman School in NYC,

I attempted to write a musical about heaven and hell, etc. It was an idea I, personally, thought was awesome – in reality it sucked. I am awful at writing in full, so when an idea really catches hold with me, I never seem capable of fully developing it.

The musical idea: Lucifer is a young child/ perhaps a toddler, and God is an old, world-weary man/ father figure. Lucifer has already been thrown down into darkness by the start of the play/musical- which chronicles the writing of the Bible with a focus on Lucifer and his counterparts Michael, Cain and Abel. Lucifer is in a sort of Limbo as Hell is not in existence (it only comes into being after the events of the Book of Revelations- according to the Bible). So, I reasoned since there was no way Lucifer would be able to remain in Heaven, and being allowed to still walk among people on earth was not a sufficient punishment, he must be nowhere, alone. Cain is also equally punished, curiously by being marked by god and being forced to wander the earth and never be allowed rest (immortal, then.) And that was the end of that idea. (You probably have noticed that I understand where it should start, but have nothing for it to go, and end at…)

This idea is still near and dear to me, and I hope someday to utilize it in some way.