When I was in first grade, at the age of 5, I read my first big book. By the age

of 11, I had read most of Jane Austen’s books, with the notable exception of

Northanger Abbey, among other major works, such as Lolita, and some of LotR

(which I read in full at the age of 13).

In fact, by the age of 11 I had read all the works of Shakespeare and many other

classic works. I had, also, read many history books, as well as compilations of

ancient myths and more recent religious texts.

I am aware this may sound like the whining of an accelerated child who found in

her adult years that the world was not as easy and simple as she thought it was.

All I can say is this: I never thought the world was easy or made any sense.

Even with that here I am at a loss to the reasoning behind all these disturbing (yet

not even close enough) incidents and events.

And yes I am aware my life is quite good.

I know that I have no cause to whine or go on about all these things.

After all, there are starving children and adults everywhere in the world.

I have met people who have witnessed murders and I am sorry.

I do not mean to be inconsiderate to you or myself.

I am confused and feel though that this is cause enough for change.

And if not that at least for us to stop and wonder where we have ended up,

Where we are left to stand and watch others walk by and away,

Where if you are not already of the chosen few you will never be.

When I was a little girl, at just three years old, I read my first book. I do not

remember what it was, and I do not remember the words, but it has greatly affected me. My

favorite book was Teeny Tiny Woman, and I always dreamed of giving stories back to the world

and the people I had met.

I have always loved Greek Mythology, and ancient History. I enjoyed the idea of

creating myths, and stories from which the world could learn. I have been writing stories

and telling them (like Homer- maybe?) since I first started reading books. I have always been a

bit silly, and enjoyed creating stories with the people around me. I have for a long time been leaving books (stories I had written- each one a little different than the other and all handwritten) and hiding them in places here and there.

I have been studying history, and the rest by picking up books, and becoming

curious. I have learned most outside of the classroom, though I wish it wasn’t so.

I have had many years out of University. I had a year out after high school in 2005,

when I was unwell and unable to study properly. I have, also, had about four years out

after studying at QMUL, where I was in Chemistry with Biochemistry.

I have had a lot of time to think, and have come to many realizations about myself.

I am applying for History because I love the ancients, and have always wanted to

research them and learn how to become a great person myself, in my own way.

My first time at college was not always good, and there was always someone there

to disagree with, but that was what always helped me to learn well. I may not have always

appreciated the differences, but together the students managed often to push through anyways.

I have no formal degree qualifications, and I have been out of school for a long

time. I have never been employed, though I have volunteered in places, and done community

service growing up. (I am 24 years old).

I was fluent in French and Spanish, until the age of 16.

I created a Film Club at Storm King School, which I attended when I was 14 years

old, and in 10th grade. (I took all 11th grade courses). I, also, started the archiving

there, and taught another girl (my junior) the process. I have been to Harvard and

NYU Summer School, but I never did manage to excel as I wanted.

I have learned how to play the flute, koto, piccolo, guitar, piano (though none very

well), and have always wanted to relearn them. (I can no longer read music and do

not really understand songs much, anymore).

I have read many books, though my ‘favorite’ books (the ones that have greatly

affected me) are: The Stranger by Albert Camus, the short stories of Ernest

Hemingway, the plays of Tennessee Williams, the works of Tolkien, and Alice in

Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

One of these books, perhaps shockingly, is On the Road by Jack Kerouac.

I have been writing stories and literally leaving them in places for people to read,

though I stopped doing this by the time I was 17 years old. This now upsets me as I

have now realized how easy it is to simply cross out a name, and there will never

be any record I ever wrote anything.

I have always loved watching international films, and learning new things through

not just popular media, but the color of the skies and everything else, as well. I

would like this out. I want to not be the shadow anymore. I want to be someone,

and I want to be educated.